Female power

In the beautiful place called Auroville in India I met this dedicated artist. I was instantly grabbed by his drawings of the mysterious Indian women.
The way he seamlessly and easily catches the characteristics of the Indian women: her grace, strength, purity and pride. All this leaves me trying to figure out their secret.
How it can not be education, material wealth or career that provides these inner powers. Because these women did not have a proper education, they do not have more then their colourful sari’s, their plastic water cans and their houses made from palm leaves with thin mats to sleep on.
But they have a knowledge (learnt the hard way, unfortunately) that every moment is precious, because life is not for free. It is because of that living in the moment that they are so clearly in contact with their inner female power.
So every time I look at this drawing, I take strength out of these inspirational women. Be aware of that precious moment, this precious life you have been given. Look deep within yourself and catch a glimpse of your own unique female power, your inner soul.
Do not look for beauty, power and strength in the material world, nor can your career provide you that strong base, and do not let it depend on others either. Because the things you can buy, your career and ‘knowledge not based on own experience’ can never be or bring you to your natural self: they are not steady, timeless, original, universal.
True power, pure beauty and real strength you only find within.

Text by Patricia Benjamins, India 2007